Picture Hooks - Picture Book Covers!

This weekend was our last Picture Hooks workshop. This time we studied picture book covers with Tiffany Leeson, Creative Director of Egmont!
     As usual, it was held at the Portrait Gallery in the wonderful space available there which we completely destroyed (this was at lunch).

     Much of the same gang showed up again (we've become friends). Here's Anka in the foreground and Hazel in the background.
     And once again, I learned a TON and had a fabulous and creative time!
     On day 1 we studied existing covers and their target markets. The differences were so obvious when seen together. We discussed color, fonts, graphics - everything! Then we were each assigned a story and we had a go at a purely illustrated cover, and then an all text cover. It was left to everybody else to guess what title we'd been assigned. Can you guess? I got Sleeping Beauty.

     Day 2 was even better. We focused on creating bespoke type, starting with pure mark-making to various tunes. Guess what the music sounded like...

     From there we worked on creating our own fonts. I hope to finish mine as I really liked it - based on "Yikes!"
     After lunch Tiffany assigned us books to re-design. I was thrilled to be handed MOG, which is as much of a classic here in the UK as Snoopy is in the US. And while I wasn't happy with my Sleeping Beauty art from the day before, I was thrilled with what I did with Mog. Everybody else seemed to like it too. I even achieved a foil by putting glue on my cut out letters and rubbing foil wrapping paper onto it.
     All said, it was a wonderful and creative way to spend a weekend and I learned SO much! I have adored these workshops and look forward to whatever they come up with for next year!

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