We got us a Christmas Tree!

Last year we didn't brave the adventure of buying a Christmas tree, but this year we decided to give it a go. We headed down to a nearby Christmas tree lot.
But their prices were high and the trees looked a bit scrawny. We would have had to buy a stand for it and we didn't know where we'd keep it the rest of the year... etc. etc. So we ended up buying a LIVE tree from the nearby florist - whose prices were surprisingly reasonable, and it came in its own bucket. Course, Stan had to carry it home uphill for a mile... No taxi for him!
It fit just right...
And we actually had enough doodads and such around that the place decorated up rather nicely. (I included a red and white stripey straw from a recent lunch - it's stuck in the tree.)
It was definitely worth the effort. So nice!
And it has joined all the other Christmas tree lights we can see in our neighbor's windows. Festive! Happy yule y'all!


karmyl said...

Beautiful tree! Well worth the effort. Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

Very cute little guy. With a lovely view. Have a very Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thank you Karmyl - we think so too! :)

Thank you Diana!

Happy Christmas!