Summative Review Time

This one is for a grade! It's end of the 3rd semester in my MFA in Illustration - our most difficult semester of all! I'm on the couch working on my dissertation, which I will submit this Friday. *pant, pant* Meanwhile, the studio is off limits to us because the tutors are reviewing our summative submissions. Mine looks like this.
On my desk are works-in-progress like my Textiles workshop projects. Gads, the pillow turned out so freaking CUTE!
Some finished projects, like the cover I did for the elementary school I visited - Vivian was doing a writing workshop with them and invited me along to show the kids how to draw manga. This is their story.
You saw my See Noise submission already.
And you've seen most of my Marginal Creatures project - in black and white. They're now in color, accompanied by haikus and I will make them into a book next semester.
There's also all my ongoing picture book projects - the ones I can share like this one.
And the ones I can't share just yet - you'll have to guess at that. All said, I'm pleased with my work this semester. However, I'm not done yet! Enough goofing off, I've got to get back to my dissertation. Wish me luck!

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