Closing Chapters...

This week saw the end of a chapter - my final days as an MFA student at the University of Edinburgh College of Art. Students have been slowly scattering to the wind - off to Taiwan, Poland, Quatar, Italy, the US, and far reaches of the UK. Hugs have been plenty. And a deer in headlights expression has become the norm as everybody wonders, What next?
     We'll just have to see. Because as sure as one chapter closes, another opens. It's bittersweet - sad and exciting at the same time. I'll miss the friends I've made here and the growth we all experienced together. But I'm also excited about the future and how all this fits in with my life.
     For now, I'm on a plane to Virginia to teach in the MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating MFA at Hollins University for the next six weeks. After that? Stay tuned and find out along with me!


Hen&ink said…
Exciting times, Elizabeth!
Ruth said…
I have so enjoyed reading about your time in Edinburgh!!! Your talent is amazing in so many ways. You have the gift of writing a thoroughly enjoyable blog. Your books are fantastic. Your art outstanding. Then there is your ability to make friends and experience what life has to offer. I am excited to see what you are going to be doing next. Thank you!!!!!
You're too kind, Ruth! Thank you so much for following! Cheers, :) e
Clare Allen said…
I have loved reading about your time in Edinburgh. Thank you for sharing your wonderful view of life. I look forward to the next chapter. All the very best, Clare x
Daffodil Cards said…
I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself in the UK, Good luck for the future and all it holds for you now you have your degree with "DISTINCTION".
Thank you, Clare and Daffodil!
Susan Eaddy said…
What an amazing adventure this has been for you Elizabeth! i'm so glad I got to see your stomping grounds at school & in Edinburgh. Bittersweet, yes for this chapter to end, but now, more than ever the possibilities are vast! hugs to you!
Indeed, Susan! Thanks! :) e

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