Degree Show Madness!

After grading, I slicked up my booth a bit and it ended up looking like this. (You can open it larger in a new window.)
Then Thursday, our Graduation Degree Show opened for Business night. This is the night Art Directors, Creative Directors, etc. are invited to come view our works. The uni made lovely maps of the building and books featuring each creator.
Here's my page.
And what I wrote:
     I prepared for a night of business mingling and schmoozing, but it ended up being a very different sort of vibe. We students ended up standing a few yards away from our booths, spying on folks who looked at our works. The few attempts at approaching seemed to run folks off, so it really became more about just letting them look while we students bonded and chatted nervously.
     Friday night was Friends and Family Night and that was a completely different vibe! This is when the PAR-TAY began! It was crowded!

     We each were given a very limited number of coveted invitations. I decided to invite our good friends Rosie and Dick (the ones we met in the airport on the way into the country oh so long ago). Rosie is an artist too, so I knew she'd enjoy the show. All I can say is, we had a BLAST!!!
     This ended up feeling like the BIG HURRAH, the celebration of a job well-done! Not that just one day or party is enough after two years. So, the next day, I returned with Stan and Connie to see the sculpture show - more on that soon.
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