The Firehouse Museum

About a year ago, the University of Edinburgh College of Art purchased the Firehouse Museum. It makes such perfect sense to be a part of the college as it sits right in the middle of the art campus. We're all very excited about it. Postgraduate illustration will move there in the fall. In the meantime, the building was used for a sculpture exhibit during our Graduation Show. I hadn't seen inside yet, so I was eager to peek. Happily, Stan and I met up with our friend Connie to see it.
Not much of the building was open yet as it's slated for some pretty heavy renovations. But we were able to see the fire truck bays - filled with pressed flowers. Look at that gorgeous tile work!
There was also an installation filled with rotting potatoes. I have to admit, it stunk terribly. I do hope that was the potatoes and not the building!
The main thing I wanted to see though, and what we've all been wondering and joking about, is the fire pole. Was it still there? Could it become a right of passage for graduating students? Happily, we found it!
It's housed in a tiny closet that makes you wonder how anybody even fit inside. The door was unlocked, so I was able to see...
Yeah. The pole has been cut. *sniff* *sniff* There will be no sliding down that. PAH! Although, it's still pretty cool to see. And what a cool building to work in for students!


Joan Waites said…
Elizabeth-my daughter received a scholarship to study at Edinburgh next year, so I'll be coming with her to get settled in the fall. Very excited to see the University and perhaps see this exhibit too.
Very cool, Joan! What will she be studying? Give me a shout! :) e
Joan Waites said…
Hi Elizabeth-she will be studying political science, international relations and environmental studies. We should be arriving on Sept. 8th. Will you still be in Scotland?
Hi Joan - I should be! Give a holler via email when you're heading this way. :) e
Joan Waites said…
Will do! May have some questions for you about the school etc. Enjoy your summer!

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