Jie's Wedding

Jie is a fellow illustration student from Taiwan and is a famous poet there, as is her (now) husband (also a doctor). So of course, she came up with a wonderfully romantic idea for their wedding - a Scottish Castle! Melville Castle to be exact.
I can't imagine a more romantic spot.
What a special experience for all of them and us—her classmates!
Here's the lovely couple. (Truly, Jie was an exquisite bride.)
Joy caught the bouquet and we're excited to all meet her future fiancee, although I suppose she needs the boyfriend first. :)We wanted to do something special for the couple, so we started a secret facebook chat, where we talked about our idea. Each of us created a flower to be collaged into one piece. I got it in mind to do a 3-D tissue-paper poppy like we used to make as kids. A photo of it joined the collage, while the actual flower made a perfect decoration for the top. Here's Hannah with the gift.
Happily, Jie loved it!
She loved the handmade and signed card as well. Isn't she lovely? (I caught Stan in that one too!) Both are a reminder of how much she is loved by all of us when she goes back to Taiwan someday.

This one can be viewed larger in a new window.
As you can see, it was a gorgeous day. We all chilled out and enjoyed each other's company for many hours after the ceremony - so nice, and so needed! We even got a lovely gift as we left... It's a Taiwanese lantern of good luck, that's the word carved into each panel.
Truly, the luck had already found us, as we got to be a part of her special day. How LOVELY!

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