Melville Castle

One of my classmates got married Wednesday! She is from Taiwan. So, her fiancee and their families flew over for the two of them to get married in a Scottish Castle. How romantic! First, I'll tell you a bit about Melville Castle...

(This image can be viewed larger.)
     The castle resides about 30 minutes south of Edinburgh, reachable by bus - how civilized. It's surrounded by beautiful grounds, with a stream cutting through the middle, fields with horses and chickens, and lots of woods.
But what really stands out are the amazing sculptures that cover the grounds carved from dead trees, like this knight.
And these blue pieces.

Pretty much any wood was game, including a fence post.
They were lovely.
Then we made it to the castle itself.
It's not a huge castle, although Mary Queen of Scots supposedly hid out here at one point. She might have been guarded by a soldier who looked like this.
Stan felt right at home.
The rooms were quite comfortable and we had a nice time hanging out with fellow classmates, like Alex, in the library.
Of course, what we were really there for was the wedding. Coming next...

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