Critical Enquiries Presentations

It's hard to believe it's already reaching the end of spring semester at the University of Glasgow. As such, students in our Critical Enquiries course had to turn in their final projects - posters critically examining some particular academic topic in children's literature. Dr Evelyn Arizpe is the main instructor of the course, and since we had a lot of students this semester, we broke into two groups for students to give their presentations. I had the smaller group.
They each had five minutes to share the key concepts of their academic posters - here's Aiko talking about anthropomorphism in picturebooks.
The most amusing presentation in our group was by Mar. You may have noticed her t-shirt above? Her poster was surrounded by little silver boobies. What a fantastic way to cover "Motherhood Ideology in Children's Literature"!
When our group finished, we rejoined the rest of the class. They were still going with their presentations. The poster that received the most oooh's and aaaah's was Amy's Fairytales poster.
Probably the most clever was Eva's poster that actually folded up into a hard-cover book.
Mia turned her subject into a recipe.
And YiCing used white doves to talk about bullying in YA.
I was so impressed by all of the posters - they were so clever and inventive. We have a truly bright group of students this year and it's been an absolute joy to work with them!

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