Friday Links List - 29 March 2019

From Medium: I want to do illustration. I don't know how to draw and I'm past my mid 20s. What should I do?

From BBC: 'Reading bedtime stories helped me survive prison' - inspiring story!

From PW: Binc: A Safety Net for Booksellers - Binc has provided $6.6 million in assistance to booksellers since 1996

From SLJ's 100 Scope Notes: McSweeney's to publish magazine Illustoria

From The New Yorker: In Y.A., Where is the Line Between Criticism and Cancel Culture?

From Stylist: 5 children's books to find sanctuary in when the going gets tough

From the BBC: Inside the Factory: Gregg Wallace is in Germany at a historic pencil factory where they produce 600,000 writing implements a day

From The Bookseller: Waterstones booksellers campaign for living wage
   Meanwhile: Pearson reveals chief exec bonus of £1.5m
   And: Authors Guild Survey Shows Drastic 42 Percent Decline in Authors Earnings in Last Decade
   And the President of Waterstones says: ‘We can’t afford it’; Daunt hits back at real living wage campaign as petition approaches 8,000 (He made £178,000 in 2013.)
Corporations need to be held accountable. Those at the top should not be rolling in the dough when those at the bottom can't afford bread.

From The Guardian: Extreme loneliness or the perfect balance? How to work from home and stay healthy

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