Scottish Book Trust - Bookbug Bag Books Announced!

I've been waiting to share this with all of you for a year now! Do you remember when I told you I had the wonderful honor to be a part of the Bookbug Bookbag Selection Committee for the Scottish Book Trust? Well, the selected books have finally been announced! That means I get to finally share the process behind the selections.
     Again, here's the selection committee meeting at the Central Library in Edinburgh:
Before we met, each of us received an enormous box of books to go through.
All said, it was an impressive collection!
Here they are close-up.
I read every single one, including some that were just ARCs or even just paper print-outs. I debated and hemmed and hawed.
Two books stood out to me (and the committee) as absolutely, hands-down wonderful and I'm happy to say they both made it into the bags. They were ONE MOLE DIGGING A HOLE by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt, and CAR, CAR, TRUCK, JEEP by Ketrina Charman and Nick Sharratt.
That said, all of the selected books are wonderful! And I learned so much from reading all those picture books. Truly, the special ones sing out like beacons.
     Just goes to show, to be a writer of children's books, the best thing you can do is read, read, read. And as far as the Scottish Book Trust is concerned, the best way to become a better citizen is to read and read early! I was so proud to be a part of their mission!

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