Christmas Parade #2

After dinner and the end of the Rock Hill Christmas Parade, we decided to follow the tail of the parade through town and back to our flat. Much to our surprise, the parade circled around and went straight down Main Street.
And even though we didn't bring any pop-up chairs with us, lots of people did, so there was a free bench right on the main drag - unheard of! So we sat down to enjoy the parade all over again!
I think my favorite float was the float boat with Rudolph pulling a waterskiing Santa behind a waterski.
The Christmas Parade was the brain child of golden-age illustrator Vernon Grant, the creator of Kellogg's Rick Crispies Snap, Crackle, and Pop! So his elves adorn downtown Rock Hill on banners and in window displays.
We truly couldn't believe our luck to enjoy the parade twice, and with such a sweet spot to sit. This is the magic of living in a small town - downtown.
We didn't even have to find a parking space as our flat was a block away. We were feeling pretty fortunate when Santa made his big appearance at the end.
Merry Christmas!
(Watch him sing on YouTube if the embed doesn't work correctly: CLICK HERE.

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