My Talk

I almost forgot to tell you about this! On November 8th I gave a talk about my creative career path to interested students.
At Winthrop University, every student is required to attend a certain number of 'Cultural Events' each semester. So, while many of my students were actually there to support me and learn about my journey...
I imagine some were there for some painless cultural credits as well. Either way, it was a nice crowd, so I was flattered.
I talked about how my talent first manifested, how I developed into being an artist, and the various stages/steps of my career all the way up to where I am now. I talked about the things I did wrong/right, the struggles (think recession), the highs, the lows, and the determination/stubbornness that is necessary for a successful creative career.
It was fun to reminisce and acknowledge how much I have accomplished. I've done a good job if I do say so myself. It's been a good journey and I was happy to share!
Many thanks to my students who sent me the photos they took during my talk!

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