Retirement Party for David Brown

The Illustration Professor I am replacing at Winthrop University is David 'Doc' Brown. The students call him 'Doc' because of his background as a medical illustrator, and boy does he know his stuff. He is a meticulous, detail-oriented creator and put an amazing program in place for me to step into. It's been so nice to overlap with him for a semester to help me segue into my new role.
 Ironically, Doc and I met years ago when I spoke at an SCBWI Carolinas conference, so we had lots to talk about when I interviewed. He and his wife, Sally, have been so welcoming since Stan and I moved to town, it seemed only fitting that I should put together a small retirement party for him. The students were completely on board and no-one peeped about the surprise. And we did indeed surprise him when he walked in to teach his very last class.
Sally let me know his favorite cake is a carrot cake, so that's what we got him.
I meant to get a better photo of the cake before everyone dove into it, but be assured, it was very pretty (thank you, Publix).
I made a card for him (with a retiring owl tearing off its graduation robes) that everyone signed, students and faculty. It was full of warm wishes.
I also got him a book on human anatomy that a fellow University of Edinburgh graduate just released. She is also a medical illustrator (and an amazing tattoo artist), so that was a no brainer!
Fellow faculty dropped by to help celebrate. Here are Tom, Jason, and Doc.
For his last class, Doc talked about contracts, and he also talked about finding balance in life to be happy. It was a lovely tribute talk to his own happy career. Although, I know he is sincerely looking forward to his next chapter in life.
What's been very clear teaching alongside Doc all this time is how beloved he is. He is leaving very big shoes for me to fill! So, Happy Retirement, Doc, from those who love you...
May your next chapter be as special as this one has been!

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