Friday Links List - 1 November 2019

From NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month): Pep Talk from Anne Lamott

From Celebrate Science: I Love Expository Writing

From The Bookseller: Winterson and Shamsie in feminist fairy tale line-up from Vintage

At Kickstarter: Story & Pictures By...A documentary about the power and reach of children's picture books

From The Guardian: Children’s and teens roundup: the best new picture books and novels

From Entertainment: How Meg Cabot's Black Canary: Ignite brings more feminist representation to comic books

From History Today: Travels Through Time: Witchcraft at Work: Folklore continued to be an active and potent force in 19th century Britain.

From TableTMag: The Holocaust Book We Need Right Now: ‘White Bird,’ a graphic novel for kids, stresses the importance of political resistance—then and now

From Nathan Bransford: How to self-publish an audiobook

From Dr Dimitra Fimi: Samhain or Halloween? The "ancient Celtic year" in Contemporary Children's Fantasy

From The Bookseller: Rosen calls for libraries in schools to be made compulsory

From the New York Times Book Review: Book Your Calendar (must-know literary events)

From Fantasy at Glasgow (and my supervisor Rob Maslen): Shakespeare's Merry England, Part 1: The Emaciation of Jack Cade

From Terri Windling's Myth & Moor: The Dark Forest and Death in Folklore and Fairy Tales

From The Art Room Plant: Eliza Moreno - Ghoooosts!

From The Mint Museum: College Lab @ the Mint: Origin Stories, November 6, 6-7:30pm

From KinderComics: Barry and Ware in Conversation

From The Art Room Plant: Sofie van Schadewijk

From Illustration West: Call for Entries

Do you follow the House of Illustration?

From Chris Dunn: 2020 Art Calendar

From Muddy Colors: Varnishing Your Paintings

From Muddy Colors: Strange Skulls

From Muddy Colors: Back to Nature: How does one create epic Art?

From Snyder Donegan: The Oaks - Former Estate of Mayfield Parrish For Sale

From BoingBoing: Great guide to hand-lettering comics

From Winthrop University: Winthrop Alumna Illustrates Special Edition of 1966 Dr. Seuss Book

From AERBook: Debt Free Degree by Anthony Oneal, read a sampler

From Glowforge: Prototype for a mystical cabinet

From Adobe: Color Trends in Illustration

The Directory of Illustration: a great place to spot trends

From FastCompany: Helvetica's Evil Twin Hellvetica Will Haunt Your Nightmares

From Rock Hill: Art Party, November 20-23rd

From the National Parts Arts Foundation: Chaco Artist in Residence Opportunity and HERE

From AIGA Eye on Design: Creativity + Insomnia is a Delirious Duo—How Do You Cope When Meditation and Melatonin Just Won’t Cut It?

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