Happy Book Birthday A BIRD ON WATER STREET!

The new, illustrated edition of A BIRD ON WATER STREET (written and illustrated by Yours Truly) is now officially in the world - WOOHOO!
I received my author copies yesterday! Sourcebooks sent the books to my office and Stacy took a picture of me with my new books - they smell so good!
I set up a display of the books outside my office with the ceramic bird Vicky gave me when the first edition came out.
Sourcebooks sent me some lovely promo items to use, like this postcard image.
Here is the lovely announcement, along with a few other recent Sourcebook titles on Instagram. So, now A BIRD ON WATER STREET is available in Chinese, Vietnamese, and it's new, illustrated edition! WOOHOO!
I'm not doing any traveling for this release, so I'll be counting on you guys to help get the word out. And here's a treat - you can read an excerpt online at Barnes & Noble: CLICK HERE! and enjoy!

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D. Moore said...

Cool! I thought the book was great, but I always wonder how the author's vision of the characters and places differs from mine. Now I can know! :)