Friday Links Lists - 15 November 2019

From the SCBWI Bologna FB page: Why is SCBWI not going to be at Bologna in 2020?

From SCBWI-British Isles: Writing Knowhow: Writing Tension, also SPECIAL FEATURE Secret Steps to Success

From Myth & Moor: Wild Children

From Hachette: Get to know Children's Book Creator Todd Parr

From SLJ: Middle Grade Is too Young, YA too Old. Where Are the Just-Right Books for Tweens?


During portfolio reviews the other day, I mentioned to some of the students the:
5 Main Themes Most Ad Agencies Fall Into:
So, if you want to work for an advertising firm, make sure these themes are represented in your portfolio!

From SCBWI Carolinas: Monthly Newsletter, including the announcement of my upcoming webinar on "Getting Your Pictures Onto the Page"

One of our Ad Agency speakers on Tuesday mentioned Simon Sinek - here are his TED Talks. Another fave of mine is Seth Godin - visit his website and listen to any of his 100+ videos. They're both brilliant and all marketers/advertisers/world-changers should give them a listen.

From Muddy Colors: How to Match Any Color (with Oil Paint)

From Illustrator Eliza Wheeler: HOME In The WOODS—AHA Moment #1 (on book illustration)

From Thread, Fashion, and Costume: Cristina Arceneguibono WOW.

From KinderComics: Tillie Walden has a new graphic novel out! It's called ARE YOU LISTENING.

From SCBWI British Isles: Open Sketchbooks

From Ruth Sanderson: A video tutorial on coloring grey-scale coloring pages (which she offers in profusion at Goldenwood Studios)

From Good News Network: 9-Year-old Who Got in Trouble for Doodling in Class Now Has Job Drawing On Restaurant Walls

From Illustration: Preview Illustration #66

From The Directory of Illustration: Browse the Book

From Muddy Colors: J.C. Leyendecker in North Carolina

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