Fall at WU and Acts of Kindness

It's so nice to be back in a place where I can really see fall! (I didn't touch up this photo a bit!)
The leaves changed colors in Scotland too, of course; but we were in the city and had to walk to the Princes Street Garden to see the leaves turn. In South Carolina, it is all around me - an so pretty! I brought my figure drawing class outside to enjoy the loveliness and do some reportage drawing.
Because, truly, is there anything more breathtaking than a Sugar Maple in full color? I don't think so!
     Happily, I'm also finding a carryover from Scotland. Remember my 'Lost Gloves Project'? Well, it happens here too, albeit a little more creatively...
And my friend Lynne sent me an awesome link about a generous donor who is leaving hand-made scarves all around downtown Asheville, North Carolina, for those who need it. How lovely! Read the story HERE.
     I hope you're having a LOVELY fall!

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