The Art Gala!

This weekend the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Winthrop University put on its Arts Gala fundraiser, to raise money for student scholarships. The theme was 'A Night in Old Hollywood' and they pulled out all the stops! An antique car sat outside the gorgeous McBryde Hall, along with a red carpet, and photographers. Immediately upon entering, there was a photo booth with accessories to memorialize the evening, so Stan donned a boa over his tux (the one he wore for our wedding), and...
Folks dressed up in flapper dresses, long gloves, faux fur throws, and satin ball gowns. Everyone looked STUNNING! Karen Stock pulled off the look especially well in an off-white satin gown, long white gloves, and a deep red coat. (Remember when I talked about her butterflies?) She looked just like the movie stars projected on the wall. Here she is with our Dean, Jeff Bellantoni (in back) and Matt Duncan (to her left - who gave a heart-moving speech).
Students and faculty donated artwork to raise scholarship funds. I donated two signed books, Crow Not Crow and Merbaby's Lullaby, that sold almost immediately - YAY!
Woodworker/sculptor/MFA student, Oscar Soto Adolfo organized the show (he's on the right with our Provost, Adrienne McCormick and her husband, Brian David, who is one of our key IT men).
The lighting was tough to take good photos, but I had to try! Here's Stacy Carter (Dean's Assistant and general backbone to the department), Karen Oremus (Chair of Fine Arts and Design, and my boss), and Stacy's hubby.
I love this photo of Karen Derksen and a Winthrop alum who now teaches art at a local high school.
Karen was one of the first friends I made here at Winthrop, during my interview, so I wanted in on that one too!
The support people at Winthrop worked so hard to pull together this magical evening. Here are Michelle, Maura, and Whitney.
And me and Maura - she's my backup in all things at WU!
I love this photo of Stan with Liv, Elisa (the new Chair of the music department), and fellow new faculty buddy Mikale.
Liv pulled off the 20s vibe better than anyone...
Aerial dancers performed along with dancers from the theatre department, backed up by musicians from the music department. They put on a great show.

There were also inspiring speeches from students whose lives were changed by the generous donations of supporters - which is what the evening was all about. It made me so proud to be a part!

Read more about it and see (better) photographs HERE!

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