Drawing in the Graveyard

In Design Drawing we've already worked on one-point perspective. The next step is two-point perspective. And what better place to learn to practice that than drawing gravestones in a cemetery on Halloween? Bwahahaha!!!
There's a graveyard just behind Winthrop University that dates back to the Civil War era, although it's easy to spot common dates from the Spanish Influenza, World War I and War World II as well. The farther in you walk, the older the graves get.
I found several graves from the latter 1800s.
Of course, it's heartbreaking to see the gravestones of children, although they are oftentimes the most precious carvings.

The funniest one I saw was this one. Say it isn't so!
Students scattered all around the cemetery to find the just right gravestones to draw. Here's Brie with the Celtic Cross.
Jess found a quiet spot all to herself.
Jessie and Naomi went towards the water tower.
In proper Halloween fashion, the wind whipped up while we were there, and the oak trees pelted us with acorns. Was it a message from beyond to spite the living? Who knows! All I do know is students love to get out of the classroom and draw onsite from time to time!

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