Woodworks at The Mint

Vicky and I had such fun wandering The Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend. Neither of us felt rushed and we both had the desire to see every. single. thing! For instance...
I have such admiration for artisans who can work with wood. The brilliant furniture designs sent my heart all aflutter. Like this kinetic bench (above) by Joseph Walsh. Or this chair by his protege, Laura Kishimoto.
This chair by Nacho Carbonell blew my mind.
Then there was the Marlin by John Cederquist. It's colored with aniline dye and is an actual chest of drawers. Can you tell?

I also liked this pencil case by Randy Shull - he used actual pencils in the design. Goodness knows I have enough of those to keep him busy for a while!

This last one is a bit deceiving. They look like glass, but these are actually turned pinecones by Mike Shuler - gorgeous!
So, that's it for wood. Next post? Glass!

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