Acrylics at Winthrop!

I have the same wonderful group of students in two very different classes this semester. Tuesday and Thursday mornings I have them for VCOM427: Narrative and Editorial - a mostly digital class. Mondays and Wednesdays I have them for VCOM323: The Costumed Figure - a decidedly messier class. The other day we broke out the acrylics to play with on top of their prepared drawings. (Charcoal drawings of fabric sealed with a matt medium.) They really got into it. Here's JJ in the zone.
David even painted on his palette - metal butcher trays that can be reused for almost any medium.
Joy layered her acrylic in thin glazes to get a masterly effect.
Eli always adds funny imaginary things to his pieces.
Erin and Mars experimented with color.
Sierra chose red to go with her bold charcoal lines.
And Josh added his signature outlines to his piece.
They were having so much fun, I started a drawing myself, in the hopes of joining in. I didn't get very far as I usually run around helping my students most of the time, but I hope to have something to share at some point. It's good for students to see a teacher working (especially when we mess up)! So, I can't wait until we move up to using a live model. I'll share more then!

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Jennifer Oberholtzer said...

So gorgeous...everyone has amazing skill & beautiful work!