I'm making friends here in Rock Hill. Sunday, I went for a walk with Paula, Susan, and Martine - all former professors at Winthrop.
Paula taught ceramics (and still does at another university), Susan taught poetry, and Martine taught French - in fact, we spoke in French for a good part of our walk - YAY! (Although, I am very rusty!)
     Riverwalk is a path that runs along the Catawba River.
It runs for four miles and on a beautiful Sunday like this one...
it is covered with families,
walkers, and people with doggies - so many doggies!
The path winds over bridges and up and down the bank, and you can hear the rapids the whole time. It's absolutely lovely.
And ironically, it hearkened me back to Edinburgh as I found several signs of kindness - an earring on a fence post,
, and yes, even a glove.
I love that this city has the vision to create such a valuable treasure for its citizens.
What a nice way to get to know new friends!

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