Art Books: Annie Stegg Gerard and Justin Gerard

Quite a few well-known illustrators collate their creations about once a year in print formats they sell as collectors' editions. I'd never purchased any of them before, so thought it would make a lovely birthday present for myself. Well, the birthday is past, but the books just arrived. They are two volumes of sketches by husband/wife team Annie Stegg Gerard and Justin Gerard. Both are regular contributors to my favorite blog, Muddy Colors. I was also curious how the package would arrive. It was well protected, that was the first thing I noticed:
And it was just done in such a classy way with a gold studio sticker introducing everything!
It was quite a lot of stuff actually - 2 books, 2 stickers, a postcard, and two framed prints - all for $60. I thought it was a fair price for what I received.
It is so relaxing to flip through the pages of these books and enjoy the luscious illustrations. They're all in sepia - like a master's sketchbook. The books are a bit smaller/thinner than I expected, but there is no slight in content. There must be 100 sketches in each. And they are beautifully printed with gold foil and gloss - real treasures. Now that I've done this once, I already know whose collection I want to buy next year! I'm hooked.

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