We're nearing the end of the semester at Winthrop, so students are finishing up their BIG end-of-semester projects. For the Fine Arts students, that means they are exhibiting their works in dedicated display spaces. For me, this means seeing some of their amazing work for the first time. For instance, today.
     Kalah (pronounced "Kayla") celebrated the opening of her show "Gateway to Halak" today. It's a projection art piece that moves with subtle motions. For instance, on the first wall, a forest of sci-fi-looking plants invite you down an interesting path. (Click the image to see this one in motion on Instagram.)
On the second wall, the ice-cream-looking items slowly drip, almost like lava lamps. While the spiral-shapes slowly seem to rotate.
But my all-time fave was the third wall. Here, windows open to a magical forest where bioluminescent flowers glow from purple to pink, and vivid dust motes (or fireflies) slowly dance through the scene. The photo does not begin to do it justice. (Click the image to see it in motion on Instagram, although the window frames aren't in that one.)
      You enter the room and stand in the middle of all this mesmerizing motion to a soothing and soft music sound track. The room would be amazing to do yoga in, or to meditate. It is soooo relaxing. I keep going back to experience it again and again. Talk about some Creative Thinking!
     All I can say is, if you are an art buyer, this is some work you should seriously consider. It is sticky, sticky, sticky, as in, I can't stop wanting to experience it! To see more of Kalah's work, go to:
Her Website
Her Instagram Page
(Here's Kalah with her work - all shared with permission.)