I'm going to Shanghai, China!!!

Now that we are offering a year-round option for our MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating at Hollins University, it makes it possible for international students to acquire visas to come study with us. Of course, how would they know that unless I go tell them? So, my new position as Director during this first year is going to involve a lot of travel - FUN! The first big adventure will the the China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair, put on with help from the same folks who organize the Bologna Children's Book Fair that I've visited so many times. So I expect it to be somewhat similar but with it's own Asian feel!

(Click the image above to go learn more about it!)

Meanwhile, the trip has morphed in a wonderful way… along with the book fair, I’ll now also be giving a talk about picture books to the School of Art and Communications at China Jiliang University in Hangzhou, arranged by a friend from my PhD days in Glasgow who is now based in Hangzhou, and I’ll be catching up with the folks from Storyland who interviewed me for their blog a few years ago. That was arranged by another friend from my PhD days who is based in Shanghai. The really great thing about that is Storyland is a comparable to our Margaret Wise Brown Children’s Book Museum that has received approval for fundraising, which I will have a hand in helping establish; so, this has turned into a very important trip, all said!
     I’m so excited about being in China – but nervous about getting to China. It’s a 12-hour time difference! OMG! But I’ve reserved a “nap-cab” in Munich where I have a 9-hour layover – so wish me luck!!! And, of course, I'll blog all about it - so stay tuned!

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