Munich and Napcabs!

There really is no easy way to get to China from the USA at the moment, so I ended up with a 9-hour layover in Munich. It's a long layover, but too short to leave the airport considering I'd have to check my bags in and out of international customs. But sitting in an airport chair for nine hours? Ugg. I'd be shattered by the time I got to Shanghai and I need to be ON when I get there! Solution? Napcabs!
These are little pod-like rooms that you can rent by the hour for a very reasonable fee. I rented one for six hours, which came in less than a hotel room.
There's no shower, but bathrooms are nearby, and I can leave and reenter my pod whenever I like. So, I can dump my bags, recharge my electronics, take a nap, work quietly - whatever!

How groovy is this! Leave it to Munich!

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Tigger a(r)t work said...

Welcome to Germany *lol*. That's realy bad, 9 hours to stay here and not go out. But I hope that you come to Germany with a lot of time, to see how beautiful it can be!! outside of the airport!! I hope you have a wonderful time in Singapore. :)