I went to an amazing art opening recently at the Taubman Museum in downtown Roanoke, Virginia! I was so excited about it, I had my hair cut (okay, I needed a cut anyhow), shaved my legs, and even painted my nails - SHOCKING!!!
"Swoon" is the name of artist Caledonia Curry/Swoon who works in just about every medium imaginable. The show was an assemblage of sculpture, cut paper, screen print, puppetry, animation, dance, you name it!
     I wasn't sure I was going to make it until the day, so didn't make plans to go with anyone; but this is what I love about Roanoke. I figured I'd either know folks there, or make new friends; and the moment I stepped out of my car, I ran into Tina Hanlon. I ran into more inside. Here I am with Ramona Kirsch who runs our Study Abroad programming.
I wish I'd thought to record the band and stilt walkers they had outside the museum, along with food trucks. The band was Carribean and I could not keep still! Inside, dancers did an interesting piece that began at the top of the stairs.
Went right by the artist (the one with the curly hair).
And ended up at the bottom.
The turn-out for the show was amazing.
I'm learning that Roanoke is an ART CITY, which I am loving! Click the image at the top to visit the website and find out when you can go enjoy SWOON!

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