¡Amiguitos! - 2nd round

     Have you noticed our world is changing? No matter how stuck in our ways adults may be, the kids have taken the ball and are running with it.
     I recently spoke to the second summer session for the Latin American Association's ¡Amiguitos! program. (My first visit goes into more detail about its mission.)
     Since the goal of Amiguitos is to encourage cultural interaction, language, friendship and understanding, I started off my talk with "¿Quién habla español?"
     Well, not only did they speak some Spanish, they spoke Mandarin, Swahili, and . . . English. And there was nothing odd about the variety to the kids. They're a melting pot of languages and cultures and those differences are as inconsequential as describing hair or eye color. It's exciting.
     These kids are so much more aware, accepting, and communicative than previous generations, it gives me hope for our future.
     I shared Paco and the Giant Chile Plant and . . . something else (more soon) . . . and drew Rosebud. The kids were great as usual. It's a nice day when you can spend time coloring and doing Sopa de palabras (word search puzzles) with children. A nice day indeed.

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