The Beach - relivin' the relaxation

     This is where I was last week. Ahhhh.
     So a few years back, hubbie introduced me to St. George Island. It's a perfect little strip of land just off Florida's Forgotten Coast - a bridge away from Apalachicola (home of wonderful oysters and the film Ule's Gold).
     It's a treasure of a place. And the restaurant where Peter Fonda hung out in the movie, The Grill, is real and serves some of the best fried oysters I've ever had. (And just don't even ask about the lemon meringue pie!!)

     We went into town to eat several times and wandered the streets of the small town which is just big enough and not too touristy/junky/crowded/anything. Perfect. Apalachicola saw its hayday in the early 1900's when they invented refrigeration, so there's a distinct and genuine Victorian feeling to the place.
     Two bridges back across the scenic bay (at sunset, the marshes turn to gold) and we were back on the beach. The beach on St. George is bordered by National Nature reserves on each end, so is a sea-turtle sanctuary. Blinds must be drawn at night to keep light off the beach. It seems to be working too as we passed several roped off sea-turtle nests during our morning walks. We also saw Ospreys, seagulls, sandpipers, and a type of bird which supposedly only lives on one of the small islands in the bay - gotta look that one up.
     Did I say Ahhhh?
     So, why is there a Wee Free Man in my post? Well, hubbie and I have a habit of listening to really well acted out audio books during long drives. Last beach trip it was The Hobbit, so we spent our vacation saying, "My Preciousss."
     This year it was The Wee Free Men written by Terry Pratchett, read by Stephen Briggs and it is laugh-out-loud-funny. The leader of the Wee Free Men, Rob Anybody, burned such a strong image in my head, I had to draw him . . . for fun . . . something I rarely get a chance to do these days.
     So, here is Rob Anybody, and all I can say is, "CRIVVENS! We're offski!"

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