THIS is why I do what I do. What a face.
     I had the great pleasure to give back a little bit to an organization that's meant a lot to me lately - the Latin American Association.
     Earlier this summer I shared Paco and the Giant Chile Plant ~ Paco y la planta de chile gigante with campers attending the Amiguitos program, hosted by the LAA. And we had a great time!
     Amiguitos is a two-week Spanish immersion summer program for kids entering kindergarten through 4th grade. Native English-speaking and Spanish-speaking children work and play together to foster friendship and cultural understanding while teaching/learning basic Spanish language skills. Wonderful!
     We learned a Spanish song, I shared Paco and drew Rosebud, and everybody was quizzed on their Spanish and awarded sombreros (English is the first language for most of these kids) - then we sprawled out on the floor and colored. What a great day.
     And the cool thing is I get to do it again for the next session which starts on the 14th. Go to the LAA website to learn more about it.

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