Bits about the biz to enjoy...

Happy Birthday America!! If you get some down time today in between the barbeque and fireworks, here are some great bits you may want to check out...

I just read a charming article by Nan Marino on her Thought on the First Two Months of her first book's release.

There's also a Quick History of Golden Books you may find fascinating. It's celebrating a new gallery show currently on tour featuring art from these classics. The closest it will get to me is South Carolina, but I may have to make the trip. Update: You can see some of the images HERE.

This one is a radio broadcast from "To The Best of Our Knowledge" hosted by Wisconsin Public Radio. The program is called "The Fairy Tale Hour" and is a great listen.

And this one won't take long... unless you start following the links. It's a fantastic poem by Gregory K. Pincus called I'm Pretty Well Connected (a Web 2.0 poem).


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