Lovely article on Garth Williams

Lovely article on the man I attribute with turning me into a children's book illustrator - Garth Williams.
     You probably know his work. He illustrated Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little and The Little House on the Pairie series. But I remember him for The Golden Book of Elves and Fairies.
     I grew up reading my mother's copy and it is now threadbare from all the time it spent in my hands. And maybe I shouldn't say I read it - I devoured the illustrations. I would sit for hours trying to figure out how to climb into the magical worlds he created.
     All my illustrative efforts since then have been to recreate that wonder for me or somebody else. All of them.
     So, if ever I had a hero - Mr. Williams would be top of the list.
     Thanks to Jenny Schwartzberg of the Newberry Library in Chicago for the heads up!

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