Hubbie on Wheels

     Every now and then I mention that my husband is a long-distance motorcyclist, but I don't really share details. Today, I remedy that.
     When I met Stan, the only room in his house that was completely furnished was his garage. He had three motorcycles back then - all BMW's. As long as I've known him, he's had at least one motorcycle and gone riding pretty much one day per weekend. And I don't mean little bimbles - the man doesn't see the point in getting the bike out unless he starts with a 300 mile jaunt. He even did an east coast to west coast ride in 42 hours which earned him the title of Iron Butt - no joke. (He corrected me - he's actually earned the title three times now.)
     So every weekend he travels to the distant corners of our state, or other states, looking for those sweepers and well-engineered curves. And he often organizes rides for other long-distance riders to join him.
     The other weekend, he did the Dragon - or the Tail of the Dragon (as it is often called) at Deal's Gap. It's an 11-mile stretch of road in the Tennessee/North Carolina Mountains with no less than 318 turns in that small space. People fly from all over the world to ride the tail of the dragon. So, three photography studios have claimed corners to grab shots of you as you ride it.
     We don't have many pics of Stan actually ON his bike, so were thrilled when these came out so well.

     Yup, that's my hubbie - ain't he hot?

Update: December 2010. Stan has been accepted into the 2011 Iron Butt Rally - a prestigious affair that occurs biannually with only 100 riders allowed to participate. They ride 11,000 miles in 11 days - hence the name of hubbie's new blog: 11 in 11.

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