Teacup - for REAL!

It freaks me out when my art does this. One of my first ever book dummies was named "Teacup." You may have seen some of the pen and ink drawings from it hanging around my website.
     Well, there are some good reasons you'll never see the book in print. I was just starting out and fell into all those classic beginner storytelling traps. You know them: telling not showing; a wise old crow saves the day (literally in this story); etc. But I still love the art I did for this story and the color palette rocked. So imagine my skipping heart when I came across this image the other day from Cute Overload.
     All I can say is Oh My God.

     All you illustrators out there - you ever do this? You draw a place or thing and then come across it a few years later? Or do you ever draw a character only to see somebody who looks exactly like your drawing?
     It's happened to me my whole life and it still freaks me out.

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