Free Flash Website Builder

Remember when I turned you all onto building a website using a blog? Well, this may be the next wave: I have no idea how well it works - but it looks promising. I will say, even the demo video ran very slowly on my ancient computer, which may be a bad sign - but if most of your users will be on newer machines, this might be an option. And I love the gallery set-up. That could be especially useful for illustrators.
     So, if you try it, will you report back and share your link? I'd love to see one of these applied to our world of children's books!

Update! We got a taker. Anaiis Salles built a new website using Wix. As she says, " went right there, dug down deep and between Friday and Sunday had the basic web site up and running. Still tweaking, of course -- always!" Click here to see what she came up with!

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