Copic Creations Challenge - Summer Reading!

Hi All you stampers, scrappers, and card-makers out there! Thanks so much for all the love you've shown me over Coloring Page Tuesdays!
     This week I have the honor of being the featured artist over at Copic Creations for their new READING CHALLENGE! And all I can say is, get ready to kick your creations up a notch!
     You can use my images to create anything from bookmarks to gift card holders, all while keeping in mind, the challenge is READING! (Gotta love it!) And I have an entire section of Reading-Themed Coloring Pages so have at it!
     There's even going to be a prize for the winner - one of my books (your choice)! (Although I have NO IDEA how they're going to be able to pick out a winner, the samples are so gorgeous!)
     Anyhow, the contest ends August 14th - so git creatin'!
     Here's an example of what you're up against... Mary Giemza (my host) created this lovely piece using my Pirate Poetry image... woosie!


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Hi Elizabeth...congrats on being featured...there are some great cards out there made with your fabulous designs!
I don't have Copics (I use ProMarkers) so won't be playing this time...but with summer holidays just started here I am hoping to get some extra colouring time! Yay :)
Thanks for your comment on my 'digi image candle tutorial'...I just love doing the candles, and in fact there is one on my blog today if you'd like a peek.
Take care x

Deebi27 said...

Congrats Elizabeth on hosting Copic Creations...I guess it's where creativity meets the joy of reading. What a great match up!! And Mary is just a most wonderful stamper, Copic talent! She has brought your pirate to a new level!!!I just might have to use one of your creations again...that's a simple challenge!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thanks Lydia, And your candles are SO COOL! Y'all have to go check them out!

It's funny how the two worlds overlap, but they do. And yup, simple challenge, but the execution of the designs I've seen are anything but!