We have a winner!

We reached 2,000 subscribers at Coloring Page Tuesdays and I drew two names to win a Dulemba prize pack. I heard back from Winner #1, Lee Tucker, right away! She said:
     Congratulations on your major accomplishment of 2,000 subscribers! And I was excited when I hit 50 followers on my blog! This is no surprise thanks to your fantabulous illustrations! I was so happy to find your illustrations that I mainly use for the cards I make for Operation Write Home. I can't thank you enough for providing your illustrations as freely as you do! I was also a long-time volunteer in my children's school library as well as the public library children's department where I received the Pikes Peak Library Dist. Volunteer of the Year in 1990 in Colorado Springs, CO. I'm disabled now, but I have 4 grandchildren with another due on Dec. 31st, so reading is still very important in our family households!
     There was more to her letter, but the whole thing just made me all melty. I LOVE my subscribers - what a great group of people you are!!!
     So I'm gathering a bunch of goodies together for Lee and her grandchildren and will send them out with smiles. Thanks for following Lee!
     Information on Winner #2 coming soon!


Rhonda Miller said...

Congrats Lee!!! And congrate on reaching the 20,000 mark.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Hoo boy - we're not to that many yet (one extra zero in there), but hope to be someday!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...
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