I can finally share!! The name of my mid-grade novel (ages 10-14) is A Bird on Water Street - the title all along! My publisher (Little Pickle Press) just called and the marketing team at Ingram's loved the original title! And Barnes and Noble already wants it, which will drive the print date... It will have a soft release as an e-book in October and a print release in March 2014!!! HERE is what it's about:
A Bird on Water Street is a coming of age story about Jack, the son of a miner growing up in a Southern Appalachian town environmentally devastated by a century of poor copper-mining practices. After a tragic accident and a massive company layoff, the miners go on strike. When nature begins to flourish as a result, Jack fights to protect it, but the cost could be the ruin of everything he loves.
     What do you think - sound good? WOOHOOOOO!!!!!
     Oh, I'm getting teary. What a great birthday present!!! There's a BIG reason this title means so much to me... but I'll write about that in another completely sappy post. Right now, I'm just celebratin'!!!! Snoopy dance, WOOT WOOT! :)


Vicky Jean-Louis said…
Rhonda Miller said…
Congrats!! I can't wait.
Sounds rad!!!
Anonymous said…
OMG, awesome Elizabeth! The energy is pushing the novel forward...Hip, Hip, Hooray for YOU!
Happy Birthday! When is/was your birthday? I'm so bad about remembering dates...

SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you, and all the good news (B & N wanting the book, the title itself, etc. etc.) - you are just so sizzling hot right now my fingertips are burning leaving this comment. xo
Thanks everybody!!! And Robyn - b-day was Friday which was the same day I found out about the title. Nice present, eh? And HA! on being hot!! Gotta remember, I had the yin to this yang - keeps me humble! But THANKS! :) e

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