My 1st Morning at Hollins University

So the 7 1/2 hour drive from Atlanta went smoothly and felt faster than I thought it would. I was dancing like a teenager to the awesome playlist I'd put together, or listening to an audio book or satellite radio. I tell ya - crossing over the Virginia state line is like entering another planet - all rolling green hills. No, not hills - these are mountains. So lush, so gorgeous, with ramshackle homes buried in their nooks. Gorgeous.
     My room is on the first floor in an old home called Rose Hill. It's been updated, so is quite comfortable while still maintaining it's 1980s charm. And even though the air conditioning is down for the weekend, there's a big fan and windows which let in all the birdsong and night sounds. And the mountain air is plenty cool enough. Maybe they won't fix the air conditioning. :)
     This morning I went for a walk all around campus, including up to the horse stables. I may have to inquire about brushing them sometimes. They're gorgeous horses, by the way. All show quality. And the view they enjoy! Oh, to be a horse at Hollins...
     Ruth Sanderson got in late last night, so we'll set up our classroom/office space later today. In the mean time, I had breakfast (with a sliced South Carolina peach I purchased on the drive up) sitting on the porch while watching the bunnies hop around the boxwoods - a smell dear to me from when, as a child, I used to visit my grandparents who lived just one town over in Lexington. It's funny how life can come full circle sometimes.
     More soon...


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