Pimping Our Office Space at Hollins

So the last three days have been a whirlwind of unpacking, setting up classes, hooking up computers, and decorating. Or as Ashley Wolff likes to say "pimping our spaces."
     See, there's a props closet in our art studio and we went a little... nuts. I used my personal color palette of orange, teal and lime green to come up with my office space...

     Ashley decided her personal color palette was primaries, so she came up with this:

     Ruth Sanderson said she usually doesn't do anything special. But since she's working on a Boroque, Royal book, we asked her "How do you like pink?" (We were thinking glitzy boudoir.) Luckily she said she liked it, because it was about the only color left.
     Here's what Ashley and I did to Ruth's space. (She loves it!)

     Hollins University also gave us formal office space in another building, but that seemed boring in comparison. (And did you notice our VIEW!?) And this way we can listen in on each other's classes which are just a movable wall away.
     Let the inspiration begin!!!


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