Friday I had a talk with my publicist at Little Pickle Press. (How fun is it to say THAT!?)
     Being a small publishing house run by a super-savvy business woman, they run things a little differently than most of the publishers I've worked with in the past. They approach things in a very smart and innovative way. AND everybody there has read my book and is trying to get to know it backwards and forwards so that they can do a good job selling it. (How many folks can say that about their large publishing house PR departments?)
      I feel like I am being taken very good care of - me and my book. And its got me positively giddy over the possibilities when my book finally comes out.
      Truly, after 12 years in the biz, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it would be like to sell my first novel.
     Well, I had NO IDEA! It is such a thrill to have an entire team of people - strangers really - so invested in something that came out of my head!!!
     And the process that I've heard so many writers complain about... I have no complaints at all - just the opposite. Receiving my first editorial letter was like Christmas. Gosh, her suggestions have made my book better - GREAT advice and ideas! Talking to my publicist was like Christmas again. She is so sincerely invested! And knowing they all love and stand behind my book - it's like Christmas at 8-years-old when you got every. single. present. you asked for!!!!
     SO AWESOME!!!


Sarah Lamstein said…
So exciting!!!!!
Mary Uhles said…
Hey E, I just read about your novel in the Midsouth newsletter... gosh can't believe I missed that news! anyway CONGRATS!!! sounds exciting;)

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