Trying new things at Hollins University

One of the perks of teaching at Hollins is each of the instructors is giving a workshop on their technique. I gave two days on Photoshop and digital media, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. And today, Dennis Nolan (Professor at the Hartford Art School and faculty member, Lauren Mills' hubbie) gave a slideshow (sharing his new book which is SO FABULOUS I can't even tell you - it's not out yet), then he walked us through the beginning of working in watercolor.
     Here I am with Dennis from the back (his idea). :)

     And me and Dennis from the front (my idea):

     ALL of us were participating in the workshop (teachers too), and OMG I feel like a college student again. I tried to remember the last time I worked with pen and ink and well, it's long enough ago to be embarrassing. But as a true line quality geek, I was pretty happy with my results. This is my image in pen and ink with the first of what will be many color washes.

     Another perk of working here is all the people who just 'drop by.' It seems that once people have experienced Hollins, they can't stay away. (And boy, I get it!) Here I am with Tina Hanlon, Professor at Ferrum College and expert in all things folklore. We became friends via email when she included my book, Paco and the Giant Chile Plant, in her online listing of "Jack and the Beanstalk" stories.
     In fact, it was Tina who talked me into visiting last year to see the last performance of the Jack Tale Players and meet Anne Chase. Want to know what that's all about? Read about the amazing trip HERE. It's what led to me teaching at Hollins and I will forever be grateful!

     Otherwise, I have been busier than I've ever been in my life here at Hollins! It's one awesome thing after another from dawn until way after dark. It begins in the morning when Candice Ransom (yes, that Candice Ransom) and I walk the campus a few times round (two laps, which is 3.2 miles) and swing through the stables to say 'hi' to our favorite horses, doggies, and kitty cat. Then class, then more class, then freelance, then lectures, get-togethers, parties. I'm having a BLAST!!!


candice said…
Ah . . . it's 3 1/2 miles around the campus twice. Give yourself the cred! And that distance zips by when we're gabbing all the way!

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