LULA'S BREW in the SCBWI Bulletin!

My article "LULA'S BREW: From App to Print" just came out in the July/August SCBWI Bulletin and WOWSA! It's a fabulous, double-page spread with the cover of the book and the back cover illustration. It could not look any better and what fantastic exposure!
     If you're not familiar with it, the SCBWI Bulletin is the bi-monthly trade magazine published by the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators ( As the largest writing organization of its kind in the world, that's no small thing. The Bulletin is read by almost the entire industry, not to mention all the members (tens of thousands). So, this is tremendous exposure for my article and LULA'S BREW! (And more birthday weekend awesomeness.)
     You have to be a member of SCBWI to access the publication on their website (.pdf) or have it mailed to you. But I will also post it to my website after a few months have passed.


Yay! Lula deserves the exposure! so cool
Goooo, Lula! I hope my Bulletin is waiting in my PO Box. Your muses have been brewing up lots of goodness... Congrats! :0)
Anonymous said…
Pure awesomeness! OMG news for you! Are your feet still on the ground, happy for these fabulous happenings for you!

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