Until the copy edits are done, that is. But the major changes are done - completed - finito. We're down to typos, commas, and misspelled words. I have lost all objectivity and can no longer judge whether or not my story is ANY good. Although I did just read the first page to a fellow published writer here at Hollins and we both got chill-bumps. I think that's a good sign. Yes?
     Still, it's mildly terrifying to know my words are getting that much closer to being public, where anybody can read them. I find myself torn between the pride of "Look What I Made!!!" and "No, don't read it, you might not like it!" I suppose it will be out of my hands very soon... I hope you like it. :)
     To celebrate sending my manuscript off—back to my editor, Ruth Sanderson and I went to Brusters and had banana splits for lunch. Best banana split EVAH!!!!!


Tracy Barrett said…
E, your ambivalence made me laugh! Can't wait to read it!
Tracy Barrett said…
Made me laugh in recognition, is what I mean!
Oh good!!! :)

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