Horseback Riding in New Castle

Every morning here at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia, I go walking the campus with fellow Professors. And every day we swing through the barn to say good morning to the horses. It's good for the soul.
     I used to ride. I took ten years of lessons and was eventually a groom for the Atlanta Polo Stables. But it's been eons since I sat atop a grand beastie. Friday, I had the chance.
     Tracy Roberts, an MFA student here at Hollins (and rancher, counselor, writer, you name it) keeps horses nearby and was kind enough to include me when she invited Ruth for their annual trail ride.
     It was a wonderful experience going up and down some of the best kept trails I've ever seen. But what I really loved was grooming the horses. Brushing them, sponging them, cleaning their hooves, combing their manes. When you make a horse feel good, it makes you feel good in the most amazing way. It fills your coffers right up! And I've been flying high ever since.
     Because I bonded with these lovable horses - Romeo, Ris, and Frye. They're cutting horses - trained to divide a cow from the herd. And they are the perfect size to throw your arms over and give a big hug. What a perfect experience.
     Here's where we met - a red barn at the end of a road surrounded by small lakes on this pristine little farm.

     Then we saddled up for our ride. Here's me with Romeo, Ruth with Frye, Tracy with Ris, and me and Ruth with Romeo...

     What a wonderful day - what a wonderful experience! Anybody need some love? Because my coffers are FULL today! :)

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Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

So beautiful and cool!