Hollins Girls

Each summer high school girls come to camp at Hollins University to have fun, learn lots, and check out the digs to see if they might want to come to college here.
     They're called Hollins Girls, and Tracy Roberts organized an inspiring line-up of things for them to do this summer. While I'm typing, they're taking an art class from Ashley Wolff down the hall. Yesterday, I got to talk to them about Appalachian Folk Tales and Jack Tales and how they've been such a strong thread in my life. This was an old fashioned front porch sort of talk - I even had a fan! (Lemonade would have topped it off - note for next year.)
     It was hot as blazes on that front porch, but everybody was in good spirits and we had a great time. The girls were such an attentive and interested audience, it was an absolute joy to share with them.
     Here we are just starting out, getting to know each other...

     And demonstrating the evolution of storytelling...

     And the whole gang. Nice girls with promising futures! (And notice the ukelele!)

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