Most Amazing Critique Group EVAH!

One of the advantages to teaching at Hollins University is the talented brains I'm surrounded by. Each Sunday a group of the writing and illustration professors gather in Rose Hill (the old house I'm staying in) and talk about our works-in-progress and give advice.
     Although incredibly humbling to be surrounded by such well-published/respected writers, we all get past that and just have an amazing time. Our guest speakers join us when they can, so we had the great pleasure of hearing works and receiving advice from David Almond (Skellig, Hans Christian Anderson Award Winner) for two weeks. We ALL talk about how much we'll hate to leave this oasis of creative feedback when term ends. It will be a sad day.
     Meanwhile, here's the gang: David Almond, Lauren Mills, Delia Sherman, Ellen Kushner, Yours Truly, Hillary Homzie, Ruth Sanderson, and Brian Attebery. Not pictured are Ashley Wolff and Rene Englott. (Click the image to see it larger in a new window.)

Here we are being silly:

And here is the gang at work:

JD Donnely sat in to listen on this one (she's in the background), and my hubbie, Stan, is the awesome photographer.

And it gets even better! This week Caldecott winner, Eric Rohmann will be joining us! Woosie!


Ashley said...

I was so sorry not to be pictured in this one! See you Saturday.

Ashley said...
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