New Friends

I have made SO MANY precious new friends here at Hollins - people I know I will stay in touch with for a very long time. I've never been surrounded by so many brilliant and talented people and we've made deep connections here.
     For instance, I've overcome my fear of horses (from so many injuries in my horse-filled youth) by saying good morning to them each day when I walk, and brushing them when I have free moments. Here's how well one of my new friends knows me: Tracy Roberts gave me a thank you gift for talking to the Hollins Summer crew:

      It's a branch pencil and a horse brush. A horse brush. I'm still tearing up writing this. How incredibly sweet is that?
     This brush will be a treasure and reminder of how I've grown here at Hollins this summer, and how I need to continue the things I've learned here in my everyday life. I hope to volunteer at a barn near my home in Atlanta and continue this "horse therapy" I've begun. And I will use my new brush. Oh yes, I will!

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Anonymous said...

We can learn so much about ourselves when working with animals. Give a little love and there is a friend for life! When I saw the picture of the brush/pencil, I just felt there was a special story there! Funny how that works!!!