I'm baaaack.....

I drove through seven hours of intense rain yesterday from Virginia to Georgia, which let up just long enough for me to stop for a bag of peaches at a roadside stand in South Carolina.
     So now I'm home, and readjusting. Stan has to get used to sharing his space again and I have to get my mind back into this space as well. I'm guessing it will take a few days before home feels normal again.
     Stan made an awesome welcome-home dinner of b-b-q chicken, okra and tomatoes. Then this morning we went walking. (I lost five pounds while at Hollins so I'm going to keep that up - 4 miles today!) Afterwards, I pared down my clothes closet. After living for six weeks on such a limited wardrobe and with so little stuff around me, I'm feeling a bit claustrophobic and realizing I just don't need so much. So, there will be a big run to the Good Will before we head to a lovely lunch at one of our favorite haunts... that's the thing I missed most while I was gone - our Sunday outings. Ahhhh.


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